Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tiny human cave

Once upon a time, we had a "man cave". It was a glorious place in our garage to keep all our slightly useless crap that didn't make the cut to live upstairs, hang silly painted pictures from drunken college painting parties and kick it like the "young" people we are. Well those days are over and much like every other space in our house, the man cave has been taken over by tiny humans. Apparently they needed more room to play. Okay, so we never really had time to use the space and I made the ultimate decision to give it up and even convinced Matt the little people would use it more than us. And it's true, they have ::sigh:: 
The conversion process did turn out to be a bit of a project. Because we're poor (this is a great way to start off any sentence by the way and I plan on using it frequently), I decided I wanted to sell some of the useless treasures we didn't use in the man cave to fund all the tiny human goodies I wanted to put in the new space. Craigslist it was. Note: craigslist isn't your friend. Eventually I sold enough stuff to make around $300 (pretty good, eh?) to buy all the play room goodies I decided the little people needed. Again, I'm cheap, I mean poor, and I decided to buy all the stuff off craigslist. This way around craigslist was my friend. yay! 
Unfortunately, I didn't take any before pics, but had some random ones I took from when we were trying to sell stuff. And here is the new and improved(?) space.

"old" man cave ( I really tried, but failed at finding pics):
See? It really was a man cave-- it had a mini fridge.

Really, seriously failed at finding pics....

And here is the new tiny human cave:

Tiny humans using/enjoying/destroying said space:

Ta da! Now mommy has another space to clean up. Good thing I love my tiny humans.

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