Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple DIY shabby-doily-chic shelf

So we have this shelf. It was a free, sturdy, FREE, functioning shelf. Digression: we have definitely jumped on the bandwagon of buying furniture/ clothing/ nicknacks used or thrifted as often as we can. Trips to Target are a big no-no in this household now and hopefully (fingers-crossed) a thing of the past. Not only do we ascribe to the "sustainable" lifestyle that comes with buying used, but there is just a wonderful sense of satisfaction you get when you buy a lovely piece of history for really cheap (or in this case obtain it fo' free).

Anyways, I just happen to be in the midst of converting this little nook we have in our master bedroom into a craft/ sewing area and this little shelf was the prefect size to fit all my crafting junk and not so cumbersome that it took up too much space. It is a nice 90's dark forest green color, which normally I would happily paint over, but for some reason I liked this little shelf in its original state. I knew I wanted to do something to it and really emphasize its shabby chis quality. Well, I sifted through my crafting junk (I'm also a big fan of using what you have on-hand when it comes to crafts, food or decorating) and found some leftover doilies from this pumpkin painting party we had and decided they would be just the perfect addition.

The shelf: You see it right when you walk into our room and it was just a bit boring.

Use this stuff: 
 Mod Podge it:

Align your doilies:

Note: organize your craft junk before taking pics :)

Let the mod podge dry and there ya have it: a shabby-doily-chic shelf... oh, my!

Simple pic of it all:

I'm thinking of adding some little studs or even (gasp!) glitter? The possibilities are as endless.

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