Friday, July 20, 2012

Family gatherings, friends birthdays, and baby showers... oh,my!

This past weekend was supposed to be spent ruffing it in the good ole outdoors with my side of the family, but everyone got a little lazy in the planning department and as other events came up, we realized the trip would have to be posponed. We decided to have a little barbecue at my mom and Harold's house instead to regather and plan. Oh, how I love summer and the gatherings that come with the warm weather. Other than the holiday season, my side of the family isn't much for planning things like summer trips or gatherings. This summer though, we're changing our tune.

The spread mess:

Amy's fancy pineapple extraction device:

Also, our friends Dan & Amanda had a birthday/ house warming gathering (I slacked, and missed out on that picture taking opportunity) and my friend Angela had her baby shower. 

And YES, this is the classic game of 'pin the sperm on the egg in the uterus':

Angela has this AMAZABALLS garden. I suffered from some strong garden envy:

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