Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things tiny humans do: play with play-doh

My goal for this upcoming week is to actually MAKE play-doh. I was going to make it last week, but when I went to buy some play-doh cutters/ molds/ other play-doh playing items, the ready made play-doh was already included in all the packages, so I figured why not use that first? 
Supposedly making play-doh is pretty darn easy though and anything home made is just way more fun because the kids get to see the whole "how its made" process. Partaking in the creation of a toy or something that is going to be played with, for kids at least, is almost more fun than playing with the actual toy. AND it's fun for mommy because I get to take pictures and boast about my UBER(haha, not) creative skills (a little boasting goes a long way for my happiness, just sayin').

Also, I took this pic last week, but it's just toooo cute, so I had to include it too :) 


  1. Oh goodness, that bottom picture is TOO adorable! My brother and sister-in-law have dubbed me the official play-doh companion to my nephew since I keep buying it for him and they hate cleaning it up. I don't care what age you are, play-doh is always fun and I'm sure making it is even better :)

  2. It IS fun! When I sat them down to play with the play-doh, I thought I might get some relaxing (blog stalking lol) in while they played, but I ended up playing with them for a few hours haha.