Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family hair cutting (and dyeing) extravaganza!

The title is pretty self explanatory. All of our manes were getting a little unruly and I have been wanting to dye my hair for months, but have been very indecisive (as I am with most things... I think) about what color I wanted to dye it. I have dishwater blonde hair that gets pretty light when it gets some sun, which it has been doing lately. Normally I dye it a light blonde although recently I have been sporting some lovely ruby red hair, but it is EXTREMELY hard to maintain. I haven't dyed my hair since december and it had begin to fade back to dishwaterish-orangeish-blonde-brown-ish. Yes, that is in fact a color.
Matt decided after our wedding this past october to let his hair and beard grow out. He hasn't cut either since then. Seriously? Seriously. Unfortunately, he has been pretty bummed because his face just doesn't like to grow hair. Sure, his chin is great at it, but his cheeks.. yeahhhh, not so much. Basically his beard just wasn't cooperating and his hair was lookin pretty scraggily and Olins stick straight, long hair was always in his face, so we decided to give ourselves mini hair makeovers!

wadda little ham.

see...dishwaterish-orangeish-blonde-brown-ish, right?

haha. such excellent quality family pics. 
There were tears...

And I know I SHOULD just go to a salon, but lets face it, we're poor. AND I've been to this hair rodeo many times before. I know what I'm doing... kinda...sorta.

 Also, we did this in the evening and in our poorly lit bedroom/bathroom, so mind you, the pics aren't of excellent quality. And if I'm really being honest.. they probably will continue to be of low quality for the time being. I'm still figuring out this whole camera, light, positioning thingy. Bear with me :)

And there ya have it. We went to Astoria the day after we had this family hair extravaganza and took some better ("better") pictures of us and our new dos. I'll post about that soon!

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