Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This past weekend we took a trip (finally!) to Astoria to visit Matt's mom and just play around town. Beaverton is a nice suburb, but doesn't even come compare to Astoria in, well, any way. I mean Portland is pretty rad and definitely has some great people and things/places to explore, but Astoria is just overall one of the most awesome towns I've ever been to. Oh Astoria, we will be faithful residents someday ::sigh::
Before we left we had a photo shoot, duh:

The beautiful Astoria waterfront + olin, matt and my mother-in-law:

Then we went to the sunday market (I don't know why I didn't get better pics, oops):

And we bought some goodies:
and bought this (of course, the largest one we could find) birdhouse:

And ate here (matt loves when I take flattering pics of him. Also, the food was good. Fancy, but good.):

And I had to take some hair pics (shoulda taken more):
Next time we adventure, aka, this coming weekend, I think I need to take some more pics and play around with some better angles/lighting etc. Its hard when you're having so much fun and NEEDED family time to stop and remember to document. Tough life, I know :)

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