Sunday, July 15, 2012

Adventure time: back to the oregon coast.

This past weekend we got to take another trip to Astoria to see grandma, relax and just hang out around town. With Matts mom in tow, we took a trip to Seaside (about 20mins south of Astoria). We took some lovely shots of Seaside, where we ate, where we adventured to, and got some nice pictures of our new dos (see last post).


Checkin out the scenery on the way to seaside, tiny human style.

We ate at Norma's ( Pretty typical american food. Good, maybe a 7 on a 1 to good scale.
Decisions, decisions...

Too cool for pre-school.   


When we got back Olin was tired, but still had some tiny human energy surpluses to rid himself of, so he threw some rocks in a bucket of water... for hours. No joke. Apparently rock throwing/ splashing/ making a mess is his new thing. Cheap obsession = sounds good to me.


It's so beautiful, scenic and QUIIET here,  it's difficult to leave and head back to suburbia. 

We decided to try to help my mother in law clean out her junk room and this is what we accidentally ended us going home with. We're a "your junk is our junk" kind of a family. And honestly, it wasn't really junk, it was more like vintage/ thrift shopping, but everything was free! Score for us.

Then I decided to do some outfit shots....

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