Thursday, August 30, 2012


I keep getting tempted into buying clothes (I went to Tagret yesterday and when checkout time came I literally had to put back three dressies that I had carried around the whole store), of which, I definitely do NOT need any more of! My closet is full and on the brink of overflow. I live such a tough life, I know. Anyways, I really want to start only (finality scares me) mostly just buying thrifted, used or vintage clothing. I love the idea of up-cycling or reusing/repurposing clothing instead of buying new. I found this dress at goodwill for about $5, found the neckless at a garage sale for $1 and paired them with other items I've had for forever.
I also happen to be in the process of dying my hair. I'm going, going, back, back to blond.. err you get the idea :)Pics about that process coming soon.

Dress:Goodwill, Sweater:Target, Shoes:F21, Neckless:garage sale


  1. Good find on the dress! And that's a great goal to have :) Curious to see what the final color will look like!