Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things Tiny Humans Do + Other Stuff

Tiny humans are sometimes found lying next to large windows/glass sliding doors, watching the cars go by as they sing them a sweet tune:

Also, my hair is en-route to becoming a nice light ash blonde. Apparently, dying it from red to the lightest blonde is a much more lengthly process than I thought. I've dyed my hair plenty of times and felt comfortable bleaching it myself-- though this time, I did wise up and buy professional products and supplies instead of a box kit. 

Stuff I used:

Hair progression:

I think I'll need to bleach it one last time (though I'm going to wait a while, because my scalp is still burnt as all hell) to get just the right color. 

Matt's band also is playing a show tonight, and I'm so excited for him! His band has had a rough few years, with different players and is just now getting back in the groove (literally) and playing some live shows.

Finally, speaking of bands, we have been totally obsessed with this band as of late:


  1. The color is starting to look good (love the last pic) be careful though, you might have noticed how short my hair was in the picture of our wedding in my anniversary post, well that was because of this!!!


    1. sorry here's a good link

    2. thank you! and I TOTALLY understand rash hair decisions! when I was prego, I chopped off al my beautiful locks... I was sad, basically for the past three years haha. but, I'm just loving being a blond again :)

  2. I love your blog, the layout is so pretty :) and your hair looks lovely, what hair products do you particularly like? I usually use a box kit, probably not the best for my hair haha. xx

    1. thank you! I usually use a box kit too, but decided I really wanted to use better products in my hair to get more professional and permanent results. The pic shows most of what I used, but I used Kaleidocolors for the bleach and a bunch of Ion products. Basically just asked the gal at Sallies what she would use. I've never used most of the products before, but really liked them.