Friday, September 14, 2012


This week has been full of 'oopsies'. Most notable oopsies: my hair. I had to pick up more bleach to dye it a third time, to get that nice white-blonde color. Well, because Olin was along for the trip (always blaming the tiny humans) I felt pretty rushed and just kinda picked up a toner without double checking it. Yeahh large oopsies. I picked up a 'light ash blonde' instead of the 'lightest ash blonde'. Doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference? Well it did. I now have some nice grey-ish, yellow-ish, ash-ish blonde hair. It doesn't look that grey in the pics, I think because my curtain is gold, but it is pretty 'ash-ish'. I'm not saying it looks bad, per se, but it is definitely not the color I was going for. Guess I'll have to bleach it or tone it or maybe, just maybe, get it professionally done again.

Another oopsies: I talked Matt into juicing with me this week, and we have both been good, except for yesterday. Yesterday was pretty stressful-- tiny human is sick, dealing with family drama, not sleeping well blah blah, so, I ate a hot dog. And no, it wasn't in juice form (that would be so delicious though right? not). Oopsies. 

This weekend, today actually, I'm leaving to head for the beautiful Oregon coast to go to a girlfriends bachelorette shower. There have been lots of these lately, but none at the coast when the weather is actually still some semblance of warm,  so I'm pretty excited. Not only do I get to have a fun filled, girls night away from home, but I get to play with my new camera and get wasted! Horray! Don't worry though, I wont jeopardize my new camera with my drunkenness.

Dress:Grage Sale, Sweater:Target, Shoes/Bracelets:F21, Neckless/Earrings:Garage Sale

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