Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things Tiny Humans Do: Puzzles + Our Puzzle Wedding Invites

Puzzles are currently all the tiny human (and ALWAYS the adult) rage in our house. Last week it was anything to do with Blues Clues, the week before it was bubble-time, all the time, and the week before that it was anything to do with Dora. Tiny humans go through toy fads faster than they do clean clothes. But, seeing as this puzzle thing is slightly more educational than most interactive games/toys, I'm gonna try to keep this fad around indefinetly. I mean, at any age, puzzles are awesome!

In fact, our wedding invites were actually puzzles! The Keyser family may just have a bit of a thing for puzzles....

Tiny humans playing with puzzles:

Our puzzle wedding invites:
Aren't they awesome?! Yeahh, I agree :) In October, around our anniversary, I will do a whole post about our wedding.
::Edit: Check out the wedding post here!

ALSO, all three of us are obsessed with this song right now. Matt even learned how to play it on his guitar... enjoy!


  1. The puzzle wedding invites are brilliant! I've never seen anything like that before, such an original touch :)

    The Marilyn Adventures

  2. Thank you! Yeah, we hadn't even seen/heard of any one else doing this, but after invite shopping and realizing they all cost soo much $$, we kind of jokingly came up with the idea of doing a puzzle as an invite. After looking around on different websites, though, we realized it was possible and affordable too.

  3. Gahhh thats such an awesome idea! :) I've never heard of puzzle invites but thats so cute!

  4. There is never such a thing as too old for puzzles. Your wedding invites are SO cool! Can't wait to see your wedding post later :)

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to post it... pretty much everything we did was DIY. It was pretty fun :)

  5. Love this!! My friend just got engaged I will have to pass this idea on to her.