Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Glitter Shoes

So maybe I just ordered these shoes from Forever 21:

There's actually no maybe, they are bought, paid for and on their way to my house. BUT, I've been wanting to MAKE glitter shoes myself for the past few months, and can never really get enough of glitter anything, so I finally made some time to do so. I also just happened to have all the essentials to make the shoes. These glitter flats were very easy to make & were an excellent way to repurpose some old sad shoes!

You'll need:
-glitter (I used a combo of fine silver & larger gold glitter)
-mod podge
-paint brush or paint sponge
-spray adhesive **I did use this to finish the shoes after the final coat had dried, but would recommend using a different finishing spray adhesive or clear coat.

-mix mod podge and glitter in bowl (I did about half/ half)
-paint mixture on shoes, let dry
-paint however many more layers to completely cover shoes in glitter (I did 3)
-let dry completely
-spray on spray adhesive to finish and seal

Sad shoes in need of glitter love:
** Sad shoes are so much sadder when you give them creeper eyes. Fact.

Happy, sparkly shoes:

I'll incorporate these shoes in my next outfit post :)

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