Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 Day Juice Fast

I've both succeeded and failed at juice fasts in the past, but every time I do one I feel great afterwards. This time I'm doin' a short 3 day juice fast just to get my body/ energy levels in tip-top shape. I am however, drinking a protein smoothie(like the one in my previous post) to give me a much needed boost of energy throughout the day and I DO plan on drinking wine tomorrow evening (girls night woot!). 
Maaaaybe this is really more of a 'liquid' fast, but even so, I know it will make me feel good and even with the glass of wine (probably two) that I may have this weekend, I still consider it a fast. 
I made enough juice to last three days because, while it really isn't that time consuming to make it every day, when you wake up with two kids it becomes difficult to take the time to prep, make, and clean up after juicing. Also, these mason jars keep the juice fresh and delicious for at least three days. The juice may stay fresh longer, but I've only experimented with three days. If the juice is left in a non air-tight container, the nutrients in the juice break down and the juice doesn't taste as good.
I made four types of juice: one for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. 

Breakfast juice (this is my fave): apples, carrots, romaine lettuce, & strawberries.

Lunch juice: red bell pepper, peaches, apple, carrots, & strawberries.

Snack juice: oranges, apples, & strawberries.. yumm!

Dinner juice: cucumber, romaine lettuce, apple, carrots

If your skeptical about juicing, good, you should be. A fast, just like any other diet, is something that should be researched, understood and one should only partake in a fast for the right reasons. I have talked to my doctor about juice fasts and fasting in general, and only after getting his consent & advice, did I decide to do one.
Personally I love the benefits of fasting and how I feel during and after any kind of fast, but to each his own. :)

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