Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Bee Weekend

I feel like I've been such a busy bee this past weekend. Friday night was girls night which quickly turned into high school reunion night. The girly time was overdue and getting to see so many ladies whom I haven't seen in ages, basically made my summer (yes, I feel that deprived of friend time). We went out in Portland & ate at Mee-Sen, a Thai restaurant with great food. Even though I was supposed to be on day three of my juice cleanse, I couldn't resist ordering their Pad Thai and it was worth it I tell you! We then had drinks at Prost. They have 'das boot'-- their infamous beir boot that you aren't allowed to put down until finished. Unfortunately, I'm still doing this whole gluten-free shindig so I couldn't partake in the beer fun, but I got to watch my friends get nice and wasted while I sipped on some delish cider. We went to another bar after this, but due to excess liquor the pics weren't of great quality annnd we basically all look rediculous. Bad pics = good, quality night :)

Saturday - Monday we visited Matts mom in Astoria-- a habit which is quickly turning into this summers weekend tradition. Sunday we visited the Peter_Iredale Shipwerck (aka the remnants of a shipwreck at the beach) in Warrenton. The weather was perfection; warm and just the right amount of breeze. You never know what you'll get at the Oregon coast, so we lucked out. We ate at Stephanie's Cabin in Astoria. It was great American/ coastie-ish food. Matt also did some yard work for his mom while Olin and I frolicked and we took some outdoor & outfit pictures.

Friday (top two pics courtesy of Megan):

Pretty Portland-ie bench.


This is the extent of out sandcastle building abilities. That & GodzOlin kept destroying everything we built.

Matt built that retaining wall. And I thought we were supposed to be on vacation...
Stephanie's Cabin

Dress:Target, Sweater/Earrings:F21, Sandals:Macys


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!
    How long did he work on that wall?!

    1. Welll that little caption may have been a little deceptive (not intentionally though). He HAS built the whole thing himself, but just completed that last 1/3 portion this weekend. Even that last little bit took a good 10 hours of work! Those walls take forever & a lot of man power to build.

  2. Aw, cute photos! And I absolutely love your red hair! xo

  3. Ah, so many polka dots! I saw that black and white one at Target and wanted it so bad. You look great in both dresses! And looks like such a fun weekend :)

  4. lovely photos! you look so pretty :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
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