Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've been having the blogging itch lately. Real bad. It seems like life, while literally amazeballz right now, is just interfering with my grand delusions of blogging. Either that, or I just have some time management issues. Nawwww. I blame being pregnant. Oh, and MOVING. But not really moving. 

SO: we decided to move about an hour and a half away from where we were living. It started with us putting our house on the market and coming to the realization that we had no clue where we wanted actually wanted to move to/ live. Because Matt has a very flexible job with a large territory and I'm a stay at home mom, the possible area where we could live around Portland was huge. We loved the idea of living in the city, but also really love the small town vibe, but after months of trying to make a decision, nothing seemed to just... work... or fit... or feel right. 

One evening, after hearing some very thoughtful insight from our parents, we realized life is just too short and if we had a place in mind where we really wanted to live then we should just go for it. Well, we did. It was always our dream to move to Astoria, but it just seemed so out of reach. Matt made a call to his boss and found out he could be transferred within a month, and we just went for it! So now we're at the coast, living with my mother in law, a baby on the way, our house house on the market, bouncing back and forth between two cities and while a bit crazy, it just all feels so very, very right. Like, everything will just workout in the end. 

While I sit and keep my fingers crossed, I'm going to take the time to actually write/ be more consistent with blogging. Maybe I don't have time to do all the cool bloggy things I originally intended to do, nor post ten times a week or even month, but I need to commit to something amid all the chaos of life. 

And now some tiny human time. Here is the original tiny human denying me his cuteness.

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